22-11-16 Ministry hires 383 substitute Special Education Teachers

The Ministry of Education, Research, and Religious Affairs is proceeding with the hiring of 383 substitute teachers in Special Education. The educators will be hired to teach at School Units of Special Schooling and Education (SMEAE) and Technical Education in both Secondary School Special Education and Centres of Differential Diagnosis, Diagnosis and Support (KEDDY), where hiring will be for both the primary and secondary school levels.

Specifically, at the KEDDY Diagnostic Centres that are of interest to substitute Special Education teachers in both areas, the following appointments are planned:

Kindergarten Special Education Teachers: 12

Primary School Special Education Teachers: 43

Language and Literature Special Education Teachers: 42

Mathematics Special Education: 3

Total: 100 teachers to be hired

In Secondary Education, beyond hiring at KEDDY diagnostic centres, 283 teachers will be hired at SMEAE Special Education Schools and Induction classes.




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