18-11-16 Ninth Panhellenic Contest in Construction and Physical Sciences

The Workshop Centre for Physical Sciences (EKFE) of Egaleo and the Hellenic Coordinating Committee of the European Programme “Science on Stage – Europe” on 11-12 NOVEMBER 2016, invited us to a Celebration of Physical Sciences and Technology, which took place at the Egaleo EKFE, at the 6th General High School of Egaleo.

The event was attended by 315 students and 60 Primary and Secondary School educators from all over Greece.

Those educators whose projects were awarded will represent Greece at the central event of the Science on Stage-Europe programme, between 29 June and 2 July, 2017, in Debrecen, Hungary.

Educational Radio-Television, aiming at highlighting best practices in the teaching of Physical Sciences, and at encouraging student participation in educational activities, covered the event and presented clips from the event and from participants’ projects.





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