18-11-16 WorldDay in Memory of Victims of Traffic Accidents


18-11-16 WorldDay in Memory of Victims of Traffic Accidents

In 2005, the UN General Assembly recognised the third Sunday of November as the World Day in Memory of Victims of Traffic Accidents, which was recognised by the Greek government in 2011.

Every year on that day, there are various events organised in most countries around the world.

On Greece, every year since 2009 the association “SOS Traffic Crimes” organises related events in Athens, Thessaloniki, and other cities, with the participation of vulnerable users of the road networks (pedestrians, bicyclists, disabled people, etc.).  

This year, on 20 November, the day may be an occasion to sensitise the school community on this issue, as Greece has steadfastly held a top ranking in deaths and serious injuries from traffic accidents in Europe.

In that context, Secondary Schools are requested to organise informational meetings on Monday, 21 November, 2016, in the last two hours of the school day, with the aim of the educational community encouraging proper driving practice and road behavior among youth.

This day of memory should be an opportunity for schools to discuss safe transport (low speed zones, pedestrian streets, etc.) to and from schools, and the encouragement of walking and bicycling to school. This is a basic focus issue for countries with far fewer victims than ours.

Moreover, there may be an honorary mention of workers who serve to minimize the impact of traffic crashes (firefighters, ambulances, traffic doctors, nurses, etc.)



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