01-08-16 Education Minister Nikos Filis briefs parliament on schooling for refugees, Greeks abroad

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01-08-16 Nikos Filis briefs parliament on Education Ministry agenda, diaspora and refugee schooling

Plans to hire 800 educators with training in the teaching of Greek as a second language to teach  over 2,000 refugee children and many of the22,000  migrant children in Greece, as well as the education ministry’s plans for educational programmes in Greek schools of the diaspora, were among the main topics addressed by Education, Research and Religious Affairs minister Nikos Filis in a briefing to parliament’s standing committee on education,  on a bill regulating these issues.

Nikos Filis also defended a law bolstering state oversight over private schools, including protection of the labour rights of teachers, as a specific explanation and justification will have to be provided for the firing of educators from now on.

Filis also noted that this is the first year in three decades that primary and secondary schools nationwide will have received textbooks before the first day of classes, as the ministry was plagued by long delays in years past.

The education minister also defended a bill establishing labour regulation of the ubiquitous private tutoring schools that prepare the vast majority of students for university entrance exams, noting that the average gross wage for teachers there is 4.6 euros per hour.

The full video of Nikos Filis’ remarks before parliament’s education committee, in Greek, is available at the link above.


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